Sinterklaas surprise: kauwgomballen automaat. Cute candy jar idea!

DIY Cute Gum Ball Machine Kara Allen shows how to make the typical bubble gum machine, excellent as a gift for guests at our parties and only using as material a terracotta pot, a round bubble bowl

Sinterklaas surprise sneeuwpop van plasic bekertjes die aan elkaar geniet zijn. Door sandra.smitjes

Fun kid project~ Snowman Made with plastic cups. The directions are in Spanish . mentions using smaller cups for the head and larger cups for the staple the cups together.

Kadoverpakking voor mannen.

makes me think of bridemaid and groomsman pringles can. Could fill with goodies.

een doosje, watten, een cd en dennenappels >> een klok!

I like the idea of this bird house clock! And it could be made real with work clock parts :)