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Fiona Apple + New York.  Where is this?

We were both obsessed with Fiona Apple in high school. When we designed our collection a few season ago, what we were actually doing was designing our “Fiona Apple” collection.

Patti Smith rockin the coolest espadrilles ever with Eric Andersen at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC 1973.

Poet and singer Patti Smith and singer songwriter Eric Anderson pose for a portrait on May 1971 on a balcony at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City, New York.

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Charlie Speeckaert

just rode the bus and a cute boy offered me his seat so I didn't have to stand awe <<<< my crush called me adorable and cute and like 3 people said he was gonna ask me out itS LIT

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Patti Smith, one of the coolest women alive.

Frank Stefanko Patti Smith, New York City, “The Stoop” Greenwich Village, New York,“Minetta Street” 1974 photographs: Black and White Type: Archival Digital Prints

Karlina by Max Cardelli,

Karlina by Max Cardelli,