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Wat een sfeer!!! Stoel New York #Kwantum #kwantumnajaar

Adopter le style industriel

Maison de ville au style industriel et bohème aux Pays-Bas

First is a kitchen project designed for young homeowners - in terms of both age…

LAPPLAND TV storage unit, white

Perfect for my TV in my bedroom. Black or White?? $149

This is perfection (stilinspiration)

Brass + Petrol

8 Ikea IVAR hacks (IDA Interior LifeStyle)

The IVAR cabinet from Ikea {the same one I bought for my TV}, seems to be one of the latest pieces launched by the swedish company, that best lends itself to being hacked. The simple shape and the ba

2016's best ikea hacks (so far)

2016's best ikea hacks (so far) on


Under stairs small wardrobe. Used for shoes, clothes, jackets, coats etc!

De nieuwe trapkast van Geertje en Erik | Make-over door Corrien Flohil

Tafel eiken met stoere HAY stoeltjes, winkelkast Mix & Match wit met houten planken. Strakke kast, witte kast, boerentafel, eiken tafel, vakkenkast, boekenkast. Interieuridee, interieur by House