New England States....My home town in Vermont now....both great states
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a dirt road surrounded by trees with fall foliage on both sides and mountains in the background
Granby Rd, Vermont
an empty road in the middle of a rural area
Patten Photos - Featured Images of Patten, ME
an american flag is hanging on the side of a building in a field full of wildflowers
Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine — Abby Capalbo
an old red barn sits in the middle of a field with purple grass and water
a man sitting on a dock in the middle of a lake surrounded by lush green trees
Vermont Farm Day
a red barn sits on the side of a country road in front of a sunset
Vermont farm
a poem written in blue ink on brown paper with writing underneath it that says, why i can't leave vermont
a black and white sign that says cowshitt county, newcastle me on it
a car driving down a snow covered road in front of a window with the caption 95 % of americans can't drive in the snow
#Snow this #weekend, are your #tires #ready? Yep We Do That! 502-933-4747 #Louisville #FortKnox #Etown #Radcliff #ValleyStation
a watercolor map with the words these green mountains are my home
Home Is Vermont!
some people swimming in the water near boats
summer lake swimming
new hampshire, new england, lake days, swimming, aesthetic, summer
a welcome sign for gloucester's oldest seaport, located in front of some trees
Here’s The Story Behind The Fisherman's Memorial In Massachusetts