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the words happy snapper are painted in pink
Chill out, work smarter & enjoy the coffee — Freelancing with Aron Leah
an assortment of art work displayed on a wall
Vintage mood board | #opulentmemory
a drawing of a tree with leaves and an eye in the top right hand corner
Paula Braconnot’s Monochromatic Collages - Hi-Fructose Magazine
two surfboards with different designs on them
77 Surfboard Design Ideas - 360Guide
Punk design
an image of a man standing in front of cacti and the words duke & co
©anugrahcmpt on Instagram: “Design for “dyke denim” #cmptrules #handdrawn”
an abstract painting on the side of a building with many different colors and shapes in it
Artist Scott Albrecht Creates a Smile-Inducing Mural in Brooklyn - Interior Design
The mural’s eight colors are pulled from Albrecht’s larger palette of custom hues and tones to maintain a consistent language across all his works.
a wall that has some blue and green tiles on it, hanging from the side
Brandie Grogan
Edge Of Days Resin, Thread, Silkscreen, Nails #mixed media #printmaking #brandiegrogan #installation #silkscreen #resin #glass
a piece of art made out of blue and white glass blocks on a wall in a room
Lisa Cahill Glass Art