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Another advantage of a small space : Go to Town in it the impact will be almost instantaneous. Raised seating area and pergola in courtyard garden with clipped Buxus standards in pots - © Elke Borkowski/GAP Photos

This is so stunning.. My mom would freak out for a place like this

Stone path A stone flagged path, lined with Nepeta racemosa (dwarf catmint) "Walker's Low and two huge pots of Lathyrus odoratus (sweat pea) "Matucana" leading to the single storey house.

would be perfect by front firepit area- especially the pergola and lights. Grow privet in front of wall.

I wish there was a way to add a pergola with an outdoor dining space like this on our house without sucking what little light I get from our tree laden back yard. Maybe the next house. Love this look.