DIY string cheese snowmen!

String cheese snowmen

A simple idea that's too cute not to share: string cheese snowmen. So many creative snack ideas for kids involve sugar, so I was thrilled to find these as an alternative. Perfect for a class party craft.

Make DIY snow globes with your Best Buddy. This easy and awesome craft is great to do during the winter months! This DIY snow globe is great a small gift; create matching or unique designs with your buddy!     All you need is a baby-good jar, water, water proof super glue, a small figure,  and glitter.

How To Make a Snow Globe

Let it Snow Globe: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe!Let it Snow Globe: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe! I'd love to do this with my class!

Deze gezonde traktatiepauw was een groot succes!  Ook de juffen vonden m geweldig.

Healthy Creative fun food Appetizer for Kids Thanksgiving +++ Aperitivo…

Healthy treat with name

Healthy treat Fruit skewer brochette with kid 's name food for fun birthday party creative clever idea snack Fruit Platter

Een gezonde Sinterklaas snack! In deze tijd met heel veel zoetigheid is een gezond hapje ook wel erg lekker (en goed). Maak eens deze snelle appelmijters!

A healthy Sinterklaas snack!

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