Cool idea for MY upstairs terrace . Idea taken from: A rooftop lounge in the middle of Paris, image via Vivre Côté Paris Magazine, edited by lb for linen & lavender

RZ Atelier Vierkant  Bambusi

This could work against the back fence OR the patio area to screen neighbours. (notes: verdant screens of bamboo or other grass for semi-sheer separation with texture and movement.

Renée Finberg ' TELLS ALL ' in her blog of her Adventures in Design: Andrea Cochran - Landscape Architecture

plants growing on overhead lines Andrea Cochran - Landscape Architecture Contemporary courtyard design. Pinned to Garden Design - Courtyards by Darin Bradbury.

Manifesto O. Rubber pots for outdoor use. Design by Petra Lundin, Manifesto. Sold by Nola.