Wedding Food Ideas

If you ask a couple and their guests what they remember most about a wedding, it’s the food — and we’re here to share all the wedding food ideas you’ve been…
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Catered Appetizer Ideas
Make sure your cocktail hour popping with these appetizer push pops! Find a caterer for your next event on PartySlate.
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Taylor Swift Themed Wedding Reception
It's a love story, baby just say "yes" 🎶 This LA couple celebrated their marriage with a T-Swift themed after party! Visit PartySlate to see all the details of their special day!
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Wedding Reception Food Ideas
The most important phrase after "I do" on your wedding day is "Bon Appétit." Find caterers and endless food inspiration for your next event on PartySlate. First Bite, Wedding Appetizers, Dinner Party
Wedding Appetizer Inspiration
Craft memories, one bite at a time. Plan your perfect menu for your next event with help from PartySlate.
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Menu Must-Haves for 2024 Weddings & Events
Our Editor spoke with top caterers to gather clever and creative menu ideas for your upcoming wedding or special event.
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Wedding & Event Catering Trends
Discover innovative new menu ideas for 2024 weddings and special events. From meals that move to sustainable presentations, there's nothing off the table.
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Trending Event Ideas for 2024
ou see, we’ve spent hours, days, and weeks talking to top vendors and looking at their latest and greatest gatherings to get a feel for what in-the-know party hosts will be up to in the coming year. Let’s just say this: It’s gonna be memorable. Discover 24 event trends that will be everywhere in 2024 — and get to them first.
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Wedding Catering Ideas Full of Flavor & Flair
Your wedding will be a memorable occasion. As they are gathered around their tables, give your guests something to really talk about (and toast to): wow-worthy fare that is presented beautifully just for them. Discover 54 wedding catering ideas that’ll make your loved ones feel satiated — and, well, loved.
Feast Your Eyes on 54 of Our Favorite Wedding Food Ideas
Your wedding day will be one to remember, and your menu is no exception. We're giving you 54 wedding catering ideas your guests will love. Plus, find an expert caterer in your area to pull off your dream menu on
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Feast Your Eyes on Our Favorite Wedding Food Ideas
Your wedding will be one to remember — and your menu is no exception. Discover 54 wedding catering ideas that are full of flavor.
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Get Creative With Party Dessert Ideas on
Every party guest loves to indulge in a sweet treat at the end of the soiree. Find wedding and party dessert ideas on to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth.
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Take Your Guests' Taste Buds On a Journey With Your Event Menu
Your guests will remember an extraordinary menu. Click to explore event food and drink inspiration, plus find the talented caterers who executed the menu.
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Considering a Winery Wedding? Here Are 9 More Reasons To Convince You
One of the many reasons to host a winery wedding is the delicious food that comes along with the territory. Check out 8 more reasons why you should have a winery wedding on
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From Appetizers to Dessert, Find Unique Party Menu Inspiration
Add a few unique items to your party menu and we promise your guests will love you for it. For every occasion, from birthdays to weddings, find the most unique party food and drink inspiration on
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Elevate Your Wedding Snacks With Inspiration From PartySlate
Elevated snacks in a cup are the perfect party treat. If you love this fun menu item, you're going to want to see all the unique food and drink inspiration on