so cute.

Zebra collage- pattern unit I would use this in my art lesson. Instead I would use tissue paper and glue it on the pattern of the zebra.

Fill the page with one continuous line, then trace shapes over it and color them in.

Great substitute lesson idea for art: Splish Splash Splatter:- ONE continuous line until paper is full. Then trace shape and color in monochromatic.- great variation on squiggle art.

Patterned Giraffes - variety lesson for 2nd and 3rd

Patterned Giraffes -- draw giraffe with crayons or permanent pen & watercolor the background in bright colors

crazy cows

Panther's Palette: Influenced by an Artist Dutch Painter Pieter Diem

Art Projects for Kids: symmetry

Art Projects for Kids: Watercolor Cow Face. Could have them add accessories and personality to their cow - perhaps a name and bio like a cow playing card

Cow shaped maze from

Cow Maze: Help the cow thru the maze to find the pasture.