the past should stay where it is. the PAST! i will not deal with it again!

excellent advice, move forward, let go of the past, it is over, it can only come back if you keep thinking and talking about it. Don't stumble over something behind you.

How True!

Success vs Unsuccessful

Yay I have a lot of the successful traits! A lot of the unsuccessful traits are things I don't like in people

because im addicted because im addicted » 35 Quotes That Will Help Set Your Weeks Intentions

Don't look back your not going that way, keep going forward & striving for whatever you're heart desires.


My Feelings ❅ on

Inspirational Quotes: When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.❤️ Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.

wisdom attitude life quote: i do this thing called whatever the fuck i want (nb)

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Winners are not people never fail but people who never quit - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images