Using pieces of pipe cleaner as worms and clothes pegs as bird beaks is a very easy way to work on developing those little hand muscles and fine motor control!

Fine Motor Skill Activity - pipe cleaner "worms" clothespin "birds" pick up worm and put in container "nest"

Letters oefenen met dominosteentjes, ook goed voor de fijne motoriek

Fun fine motor activity - placing blocks or dominoes along a preprinted path

Oefenwerkbladen spelling voor groep 3 t/m 8

NOUNPLUS free tool for Spell Checker Online can help to find your misspelled words. It is The best spell checker, try it and enjoy yourself.

Fotokaarten voor het nabouwen met kleine blokjes.

Block building cards, Copy and Paste on to cart or onto a Tri- Fold board and place in construction area

Begeleide of zelfstandige activiteit

Begeleide of zelfstandige activiteit

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