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Fw-190 #flickr #plane #WW2

U.S.General Patton was one of the most well known generals in WW2. He was a tank commander who helped "drive" the allies to victory.

Supermarine Spiteful #flickr #plane #WW2

Lt Gen Arthur MacArthur, Jr was the father of Gen Douglas MacArthur of WW2 fame. In addition to their both being promoted to the rank of general officer, Arthur MacArthur, Jr. and Douglas MacArthur also share the distinction of having been the first father and son to each be awarded a Medal of Honor. When MacArthur retired in 1909, he was one of the last officers on active duty in the Army who had served in the Civil War.

German troops WW2 - gotta wonder if they knew the magnitude of the war...

The one with the hat reminds me of Hadasa, the little girl who lives Berlin on the Kindertransport

Defeated German soldier in front of burning Reichstag, Berlin, 1945 - Mark Redkin

have always loved these uniforms ;)