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Pepsi MAX presents Uncle Drew. "Don't reach, young blood."   A Cola in a zero-calorie disguise.

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew" ~ Pepsi MAX went to a pick-up game in Bloomfield, NJ pretending to shoot a documentary on a basketball player named "Kevin." When his Uncle Drew came into the game, some magical things happened.

Incredible documentary about Kevin Richardson's lifestyle. Amazingly shot and beautiful footage!

GoPro: Lions - The New Endangered Species? Published on Nov 2013 The fifth of the Adventure Series. The GoPro production crew journeys to Africa to explore the danger and beauty of Kevin Richardson's passions for lions and their future

Pepsi MAX presents Uncle Drew. (part 3). "Lights."

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew: Chapter with Nate Robinson

Breaking Bad - Frozen Mash-up. "Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?"

Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x. - Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody) Here’s what a Frozen parody composed by Walter White would sound like.

Creative ad-campaign by Metro Trains Melbourne called 'Dumb Way to Die'. Effective, funny and catchy!

Dumb Ways to Die by McCann Melbourne (ad agency) - a PSA for Metro Trains in Australia that uses dark humor with adorable characters and song.

Pepsi MAX presents Uncle Drew. (part 2). "Getting the team back together."

The Uncle Drew Commercial. Uncle Drew visits with a basketball legend who sends him on a mission to go out and get his old team back together. Players and spectato

Anna Kendrick Tells Newcastle Beer to 'Suck It' in Anti-Super Bowl Ad

Newcastle Brown Ale "Anna Kendrick: Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Game Day Ad Newcastle Almost Made" - This was created by / New York City.

GoPro: Streets of Japan in 4K. Short film about Japanese automotive underground. Shiny Lamborghini's and music by Magic Sword. What's not to love about this video?

The Streets of Japan in A Documentary About. - The Streets of Japan in A Documentary About Custom Car And Motorcycle Culture In Japan [GoPro]As the sun goes down, Tokyo transforms to a wild and exotic playground for those who like to pour on.

GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain

GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain / Travis Rice, John Jackson, Chris Davenport, and Lynsey Dyer set forth on a journey to the Andes Mountains in a quest to find their perfect line.

Best motivational video out there. "BELIEVE"  by Mateusz M.

From breaking records and limiting beliefs to making your dreams become a reality, Mateusz M delivers an epic motivational video to help you believe in your .

GoPro: Wild Mustangs - A Legacy in 4K. An amazing documentary about the last herd of wild mustangs and the people who try to preserve that.

Oh how beautiful is this . In a land of enormous skies and majestic valleys, Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort

Bud Light Helps One Lucky Dude Have the Wildest Night of His Life

but this Super Bowl ad is brilliant (even if it's not true) --> "Ian Up For Whatever Film" 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial - Extended Scenes

One of the best (funniest) commercials made. "Never say no to Panda."

I think this is really funny ~ Panda Cheese Commercial - Subtitled [EN] happy

Ad of the Day: McDonald's Films the Craziest Soccer Trick Shots Ever … and They're Real

"McDonald’s GOL!" for McDonald's (by DDB Chicago) The world's greatest trick shots.If there were a global tournament to find the best trick-shooters, this bunch would definitely be in it.