Liquidambar = amberboom. Kan fors worden, kurkachtige schors, groeit in alle grond. In de herfst prachtig verkleurende boom.

Liquidambar tree - would be amazing underplanted with bronze grasses in autumn

Cornus Kousa, Statige solitaire struik, prachtige herfstkleuren, beschutte standplaats

gallon pot) KOUSA DOGWOOD TREE -Grand Small Dogwood,star-like white blooms,Kousa bloom a month after flowering dogwoods

gleditsia triacanthos 'sunburst' - Google Search

This Honey, also known as Thorny, Locust can reach a height of and, in plant terms, live for a relatively short 120 years.

Norway Maple 'Crimson King' The Norway Maple (Acer Platanoides) 'Crimson King' is simply gorgeous. The beautiful purplish-red leaves of this majestic tree are of unparalleled beauty. The leaves turn to a wonderful golden-yellow colour in autumn. Height supplied: 80-100 cm.

Crimson King Maple :) is going to be the favorite tree in my daughters front lawn! Happy Mothers Day, Love you.

Acer Shirasawanum Aureum

acer shirasawanum chartreuse japanese maple tree- to fill gap near buttress in wall, screening from next door.