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Disney is pretty good at getting some fantastic actors for their Princes.

GIACOMO COSTA Florence -1970. His production includes Agglomerati, kaleidoscopic accumulations of urban buildings; Paesaggi (Landscapes), which features countryside or urban landscapes from where enormous monoliths stem out; Palazzi (Palaces),

Dorothee Golz - La belle Ferroniere

German artist Dorothee Golz inserts figures from Renaissance-era portraits into photographs of contemporary life.

Volcán Masaya (or Masaya Volcano) is less than an hour south of the capital of Managua in Nicaragua but feels a world away. It's one of the world’s most accessible volcanoes - one of only two on earth where you can drive up to the crater lip and look inside - and very active, steaming daily.

Italy Sicily Caltagirone stairs - #junkydotcom travel. Every city should decorate their public shaircases--beautiful!

This picture sums up the Havana, Cuba that I lived in for four years. Old American cars, newer-but-still-old Russian cars, crumbling buildings, and laundry on every balcony.

Havana, Cuba Tirano Fidel : hundiste al digno pueblo cubano en la miseria y falta de libertad . Prefieren enfrentar a los tiburones , para no permanecer en la isla . No te diste cuenta que tu revolucion fracaso y arrastro a tu pueblo a la decadencia ?

quieroooo.... Taj Mahal, India

La selva Amazónica. Un viaje sólo para verdaderos aventureros.