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Juke box music

the Kinks - Sleepwalker - 1977

The whale

"The Whale" from Electric Light Orchestra's album "Out of the Blue" Video Intro: "Can't Change Me (Ron Trent Dub) from N'Dambi's "Can't Change Me (Ron Trent .

Paul Simon Wikipedia

someone you want to have coffee with - Paul Frederic Simon (born October is an American musician and singer-songwriter.

Roll On (JJ Cale album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

J Cale, lézard de l'Oklahoma ou faux nonchalant.

Guns N' Roses Wikipedia

Guns N Roses. The ultimate girl getter. I cannot imagine how many girls Axel Rose has slept with because of their success. Although the band hates each other at the moment, they are an all time favourite band. 'Welcome to the Jungle,' 'Don't Cry'

Coldplay Viva La Vida Tour in Hannover August 25th  Wikipedia

And in case you wondering whether he still has the chops to play the character, check him out singing “Gaston” alongside Evans on The Jonathan Ross Show.