How To Grow Tulips In A Vase and Have Them All Year Round.

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water

Forcing tulips in water is a fun, easy, and a unique way to grow tulips that most people have not seen before. Showing the natural beauty of the bulb is a pure, modern, and minimalist approach to floral design.

seat belt pillow...Brilliant!

I wish I had one of these when I was a kid! It's a seatbelt pillow for those long car rides.

Tic Tac Container = Bobby Pin Holder!

Tic-Tac container of bobby pins for the bottom of your purse. I have an empty tic tac container in there now

Seen it all except the laundry storage. That's a great idea though. #collegedormroom

18 Dorm Decor ideas

Laundry basket dresser so that it uses less floor space in your college dorm room. Also separate baskets for dirty and clean cloths before washing and after drying, it is also easy to just grab and go to the wash and of course easy storage

that's quite brilliant. must do.

(Great idea but link apparently takes u to spam links) thot it worth pinning though. i admit to saving bread clips! :) Bread clips used to label cords on power strip found via Kari.

verwijder stronken met 100% epsomzout - boor dikke gaten, vul deze met het zout, vervolgens water erover (duurt soms een maand)

Tree Stump Removal - Get rid of tree stumps by drilling holes in the stump and filling them with Epsom salt, then water. Live stumps may take as long as a month to decay, and start to decompose all by themselves.

Waar zijn de stiekjes? hier dus

for Dylan, ha