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First time in my life I am truly Happy!! Had to get rid of toxic people and things and it has made a dramatic change. Luv my life!!

The hearth and the Salamander can also mean happiness and if Montag chose to be happy or not. The two things in his life his home and his work. Did it really make him happy. He chose happiness over this home and his work by reading the books.

Me as a Parent Son: Mommy, I can't sleep. There's a monster in my closet. Me: That's silly, there's no mons- OH LAWD, IT'S TEARING MY ARM OFF! Just kidding, he only eats kids, goodnight!

Haha- can somehow relate to this. I don't advise it if you don't want your kid to be afraid of anything and take off cross country by himself at - it all makes sense now (just kidding young parents, it just doesn't make any sense when they grow up).