white hydrangea in basket. Check it out! The "artificial flower interior" to enjoy from "1coin shop of artificial flower". (Japanese 100yen shop, 1 coin means 100yen coin in Japan. 100yen almost $1)

White hydrangea in basket. The "artificial flower interior" to enjoy from shop". (Japanese shop) These artificial flowers are really good quality and real.

deur die 1 deel van de kast bedekt. 1 deel kan met lades, ander deel voor hangers

10 Beautiful Interiors with Barn Doors

DIY Interior Sliding Barn Door on Closet or Bathroom. Would b good for in the barn and having a restroom


Hoffz interieur inspiratie

Custom Flat Style Roman Shades in Genuine European Linen. You can order Soft Style or Flat Roman Style. Soft Style have a soft drape at the bottom

Badkamermeubel landelijke stijl

His existing cabinet is kind of like this but not painted, so if he won't replace, I like this to be painted the same color as the off-white in the Turkish tile. Not sure countertop though