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How to remove blog dates in Squarespace
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Which Squarespace Pricing Plan Does an Author Need?
Don't overpay for your Squarespace website. Most authors will be fine with the Personal or Business plan. Here are the key differences explained.
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Should you have more than one business website?
If you're a multi passionate creative entrepreneur, how do you decide whether to have just one website or two? Get clarity here.
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How to promote a new website
You've launched a new website! But your work isn't done. Here are gentle, sustainable steps to start boosting your traffic for free.
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Which is the Best Squarespace Template?
Take the worry out of choosing your Squarespace theme or template! See how Squarespace templates differ from WordPress themes, and choose with confidence.
the top 3 affordable website builder's
Top 3 Affordable Website Builders
Interested in building your own website? Here are my top 3 tool picks, if you are not especially tech savvy and want your website to cost less than $100 per year. #webdesign #websitetips #diywebsite #websitehowto #sidehustle #small business #website #sidehustle #entrepreneur #solopreneur
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How to use Squarespace forms to embed a simple poll
Want more engagement on your Squarespace blog? Consider adding a simple poll inside your blog post. It's free and easy: no integrations or plug-ins required. Instructions + video included.
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Is Blogging Still Worth It?
What's the future of blogging? The arguments in favor of blogging for nonfiction authors and coaches… and why fiction authors should skip it in favor of other book marketing options.
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How to plan your website in a weekend
Plan your solopreneur website in a weekend, even if you're puzzled by technology and design. Get this complete bundle of resources, plus a host of bonuses, at a discounted price. The best way to overcome overwhelm, so you can create a website that profits your business. Includes: copywriting workbook, homepage templates, tech masterclass, graphic design tutorial, budget calculator. #website #webdesign #diywebsite #graphicdesign #copywriting #onlinemarketing #onlinebusiness #smallbusiness
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Refresh Your Website in 15 Minutes — Pauline Wiles Website Design
Here are 9 easy ways to refresh your #website ready for the holiday & gift-giving season. Each will take you 15 minutes of less, and will dramatically improve your visitor experience.
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Migrating from WordPress to Squarespace: 8 things to know
There are important differences between WordPress and Squarespace. This guide tells you what you need to know and helps you decide if migrating your website is the right choice.
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How to embed Substack in your Squarespace website
Instructions to embed your Substack sign up form in your Squarespace website. Includes a fix for the width of the form on a mobile phone. Video tutorial too!
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Squarespace Fluid Engine: Getting Started Guide
A beginner’s guide to the new Squarespace Fluid Engine editor, released July 2022. Advice and tips for getting started, and how to make sure your website pages look great.
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10 Questions to Ask Your Website Designer
Here are the best questions to ask your website designer to improve the chances of your project's success, and check you're a match to work together. Save time, money and stress by discussing these upfront. #onlinemarketing #website #webdesign
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How to save money on your website
Your small business website can feel like a big investment. Here are some practical ways to simplify and save money, on both professional design and DIY sites. Includes discount & coupon codes for Squarespace.