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Woman Quits Job to Build Sustainable Bamboo Homes in Bali. Elora Hardy, raised in Bali, knows about bamboo’s unique qualities firsthand. After working for years in the concrete jungle of New York.

Collective compassion has meant an overall decrease in global poverty since the says civil rights lawyer Gary Haugen. Yet for all the world's aid mone.

You Asked, We’re Answering Your Fuel Cell Questions

Once thought of as a niche technology, fuel cells are now becoming more mainstream as we transition to an economy powered by clean energy.

Bill Gates: Innovating to zero!

Bill Gates TED talk on getting to zero-carbon energy, including a good explanation of the Kaya identity (which he doesn't call by that name)

Tips: Appliances

This chart shows how much energy a typical appliance uses per year and its corresponding cost based on national averages. For example, a refrigerator/freezer uses almost five times the electricity the average television uses.

Dr. David Claridge on Continuous Commissioning

David Claridge, director of the Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL), discusses the Continuous Commissioning process. Using Continuous Commissioning, ESL has .

The Next Disruptive Innovation in Buildings: Vladi Shunturov at TEDxBG 2013

Vladi Shunturov, co-founder of Lucid Design Group, discusses software's potential to be the first disruptive innovation in buildings since the Otis elevator.