Paul Masteling

Paul Masteling

Paul Masteling
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Zoanthids - soft corals

The crazy colorful world of Zoanthids - soft coral. It is so vividly colored, it looks like a patchwork quilt!


Zanzibar doors by © Sam.Seyffert See large on black Perhaps the most striking and spectacular impression of Stone Town for its first time visitor is the magnificent wooden doors serving as.

Radio Kootwijk Netherlands ~Old Radio Station in Nature Park de Hoge Veluwe

Radio Kootwijk Netherlands Old radio station in nature park de Hoge Veluwe; used to make radio connection possible with the Netherlands Indies, now Indonesia, on the other side of the globe. Seen in the movie "Mindhunters"

10 things to always remember for your pets...Very Good!

Funny pictures about 10 Canine Commandments. Oh, and cool pics about 10 Canine Commandments. Also, 10 Canine Commandments photos.