Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland)

The Netherlands - Willem Molenbroek, Het Witte Huis, Rotterdam.One of a few buildings that survived the devastating German bombardement in

Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland)

Rotterdam the home town of Feyenoord. I love this city

Dutch photographer Joel Tjintjelaar transforms urban architecture into breathtaking abstract works of art. Rather than capturing a traditional image of the Empire State Building, revealing its extraordinary height, Tjintjelaar takes creative liberties to mask the imposing extent of its towering stature and opts to play with the light bouncing off the building's textured facade.

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Architecture - BWVision - This is an example of long exposure photography for architecture. This is an image of the Empire State Building in New York City. For this image an exposure time of 316 seconds has been used with a total of 16 ND-filter stops.