Julia Child: PBS Icon

When you think about cooking and PBS, you think about Julia Child. A woman who always saw herself as a "cook" rather than a "chef," Julia would have celebrated her 100th birthday in August 2012. Join us in celebrating the life and memory of this culinary icon who inspired so many at pbs.org/JuliaChild
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So true Julia Child!

People who love to eat are always the best people - Julia Child. i have to agree. I want this in my kitchen.

Reading through all of Julia Child's words of wisdom, I truly believe whatever she says goes.

Julia Child Quotes: The Woman, The Wisdom

Read classic Julia Child quotes from the PBS cooking show icon including her thoughts on life, cooking, and her own legacy when you visit PBS Food.

Julia Child in all her glory.

Remembering Julia Child Through Tributes, Song and a Quiz

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot more than culinary skills from Julia Child, the American pioneer of French cuisine.

Yes, Julia. We'll have wine with that!

"Make lovely remarks." From one of my favorite episodes of The French Chef, the wine and cheese party. Photo by Paul Child,

You can spot a young Emeril Lagasse in an episode of Julia Child's show. She appears to be a little smitten with him!

Emeril Lagasse Remembers Julia Child

I'm adding this to my Favorite Things board because it represents 3 of my favorites - Julia, Emeril, and Crawfish! You can spot a young Emeril Lagasse in an episode of Julia Child's show. She appears to be a little smitten with him!

The everlasting wisdom of Julia Child.

Read Julia Child's Essential Kitchen Tips - A collection of the famous author and TV chef's best advice on buying eggs, proofing yeast, clarifying butter, and

We love this split image of Julia Child and Meryl Streep!

How To Roast A Chicken & Make Chocolate Mousse Cake like Julia Child _ The real Julia Child (left) and the Meryl Streep re-creation in the movie "Julie & Julia.

Lovely collection for a Julia Child dinner party!

A fun party idea, themed on Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" or "My Life in Paris".

All of Julia Child's tips and tricks in one book. With this, #CookForJulia will be a breeze.

Cookbook with recipes and kitchen techniques written by Julia Child. Product: CookbookFeatures: Written by Julia ChildProvides tips and tricks for mastering even the most difficult recipes Dimensions: H x W x D

Did you know Julia Child now has her own COMIC BOOK? Thanks for the heads up, @CHOW.com!

Julia Child, Comic Book Badass

Julia Child: The comic book (Photo: Cover art for 'Female Force: Julia Child' Courtesy of Bluewater Productions)