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a hand holding a blue lanyard in front of a wall with graffiti
Waterproof Leash With Light Black Aluminium Snap Hooks 19 Mm - Etsy
Waterproof leash This waterproof leash is PVC coated. It is much more durable than common polypropylene webbing. It is abrasion-resistant, 100% water and bacteria-resistant, and does not stretch. Universal, light but exceptionally strong snap with a swivel eye. As the snap is made of material used in the aircraft industry, it has a loading capacity of more than 400 kg. The snap is easily opened and closed with one hand.
a brown and black dog laying on top of a white blanket
Gotta Love a Dachshund
a brown and white dog sitting in the driver's seat of a car
double dachshund pup
a brown dog sitting on top of a white chair next to a heart shaped plaque
12 week old dachshund puppy🤍
Red valentines dog harness design
Red grid dog harness, leash and collar. The perfect valentines day present. #valentinesday #dogmom #rosesarered #dogharness #newpuppy
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Dog accessories, harnesses, toys
a small brown dog is looking at the camera with an intense look on its face
a brown dog wearing a blue harness sitting on the floor next to a white couch
the diagram shows how to use an umbrella for walking with your dog, and what it means
Design your own lead
Custom each part of your lead #diylead #diyleash #dogfashion #dogmom
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Create your own lead
Choose the rope handle colour, biothane lead, hardware and get it personalised with yours or your pups name.
The perfect matching set
Match your harness with our custom rope and biothane dog lead #dogmom #newpuppy #dogharness #dogfashion
the contents of a dog's gift box including leash, collars and harnesses
Design your own rope and biothane lead
Dream, create, adventure awaits! FULLY customisable 2 in 1 leads! Use as a full length lead or detach the shorter rope part to use as a grab handle PAWfect for hikes or walks close to traffic! You can also add more biothane attachments and walk up to 3 dogs from the same rope handle! Matching bracelets available, style out your adventures matching with your four legged bestie today!! Choose your: Handle colour, Biothane colour, Hardware colour, Text, Font, Text colour, Icons, Charm
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Design your own Biothane and rope lead
Custom lead, handle, charm and writing. #customleash #customlead #puppy #dogfashion #dogwalking