art dice...

Art Dice with lines- the kids draw the lines that they roll! Great for handwriting skills or art game-start picture with the shape(s) you roll.

tip for helping improve pencil grip

My HIGH SCHOOL KIDS NEED THIS . Tip for helping kids manage their pencil grip. Have them hold a ball or cotton ball in their ring and pinky fingers. This forces these fingers to stay busy, while the pincer fingers hold the pencil!

Motoriek: gericht werpen (J.Y.)

a giant tape spider web in a hula hoop? oh my goodness, how fun and what a great idea for a future Hallowe’en party game ;

oh, I can't wait to try this myself! Draw with Art Dice |

Art Games: Draw with Art Dice

DIY Art Dice: a fun tool for creating some randomly generated art. Every flip of a dice becomes an opportunity to explore art vocabulary, drawing skills, color recognition, and shape identification, to name a few.

Leerlijn knippen uitgelegd met handige observatie en hulptips

Fijne motoriek: hoe leer je een kind knippen

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5 stoere activiteiten voor de fijne motoriek van kleuters