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a ceramic bird sitting on top of a white table
Questo articolo non è disponibile. - Etsy
Turquoise Bird, Handmade ceramic bird sculpture in Turquoise Blue
three white ceramic birds sitting on top of a table
Three Handmade Polymer Clay Birds White - Etsy
Oh wauw, op een dienblad met van die sierlijke vaasjes en tere bloementjes...
a sculpture of a bird sitting on top of a wooden block
Vogel van Natasja van den Eng
exto.nl | Vogel van Natasja van den Eng
a black bird sitting on top of a wooden stick in the grass with blurry background
Vogeltje op een stok gemaakt van Indisch speksteen door Marjen Blanken
three birds are standing on top of metal poles in front of a white wall and wooden floor
Pebble Mosaic - Podima Flooring - Gravel With Mesh: Matusan
Ceramic Garden Birds - Matusan
three ceramic birds sitting on top of a wooden table
Jenny Mendes
Jenny Mendes© I love Jennys work and have several of these
some pink flamingos are sitting on top of each other in the middle of a table
Flamin' Flamingo Sculptures & John James Audobon
Art Julz: 2nd
the instructions for how to make marshmallows
Geninne's Art Blog: December 2010
How to make a bird from FIMO clay. Although I think this could be done with any of the clays on this board that I have pinning.
two metal birds with eyes and beaks are standing next to each other on black bases
Koo-Koo Crazy Birds
birds - wish I knew who made these. Way cute! Now I know! Janell Berryman - http://pumpkinseedsoriginals.blogspot.com/2012/01/koo-koo-crazy-birds.html
four different shots of white birds sitting on top of each other
The singing birds
leuk en mooi gemaakt en leuk om in de kaamer te zeten knap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
two children are sitting at a table making art
Verschillende formaten cirkels stempelen met verf, Kandinsky cirkels!
an art project with sunflowers painted on it
2nd GRADE--Van Gogh Sunflowers
Vincent Van Gogh - The students were able to create a giant sunflower creating emphasis in their artwork. Then they were shown how to blend colors using oil pastels. The students had to choose a cool color for their background to make their sunflower "pop" in their piece of art.
a person standing in front of a painting made out of buttons on a sheet of paper
REDUCE*REUSE*RECYCLE... Bottle Lids Wall Art {DIY}
Groepswerk met plastic doppen en deksels. Superideetje voor kleuters.