Cup Challenge - groups work together to stack cups in a pyramid using string and a rubber band.

Collaboration Activity (good for mentor time) from: In the middle: Life as a seventh grade language arts teacher. The Cup Challenge - teach students how to work in cooperative groups with this simple and fun challenge.

1.) Tape a name of a celebrity, teacher in the school, or tv character on each students back. Their job is to figure out who they are! 2.) Teach them how to ask… “What am I like?” and phrases like “I know that already”, “What else?” and, of course..”YOU ARE _______”

All I did in my Spanish class during high school was write! We practiced and praticed and praticed, but it was only ever read by 2 people: my teacher (who circled all my errors) and me. My classes …

The Power of Union is Strength - Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins Advertisement - YouTube

Teaching kids the power of teamwork. The Power of Union is Strength - Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins Advertisement.

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Start het schooljaar eens op een 21e eeuwse manier!

6 creatieve ideeën om Instragram in de klas te gebruiken - Kennisnet

Well there’s no doubt about it, social recruiting has improved both the quantity and quality of candidates, and an online study by Jobvite suggests that one-third of human resource professionals tend to agree.