Christmas Tree Ideas - Using pink, purple and other fun non-traditional colors just says, "Merry Christmas". I love these colors on a white tree background. A few strands of pink or purple mini lights would set off the bulbs nicely.

The Netherlands

Ice skating girls Delft, The Netherlands. Reminds me of ice skating in Rhode Island down at the clam bake!


The little creature sits in the snow and feeds as much as I love snow I think I would miss this creature if I were boarding down the mountian on my snow board.


These ornaments in the box remind me of my grandma.I helped her put her tree up & she has boxes of vintage ornaments just like this!

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Christmas is coming - paper cut! XMAS decor / Xmas tree / ornaments / Christmas / styling The best Christmas decoration


Cold Weather Essentials- Anthropologie earmuffs look cute, keep your ears warm and won't mess up your hair!