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Sea of Shoes: Bando Tamasburo, male kabuki legend, by Kishin Shinoyama

TI loved this feature on male kabuki legend Bando Tamasburo-and Shinoyama's photography is incredible. This is from the Paradis summer 08 issue-I was so, so, so excited to get my hands on a copy last time I was in New...


Kabuki costumes

Backround picture: http://jto.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/ft20131205a2b.jpg

Kabuki | Elliott Franks Photography Services

Kabuki | Elliott Franks Photography

Kabuki | Elliott Franks Photography Services

Bando Tamasaburo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bando Tamasaburo

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Ebizo Ichikawa XI at Sadler's Wells, London

Kabuki | Elliott Franks Photography

Kabuki featuring Ebizo Ichikawa XI at Sadler's Wells, London, Great Britain rehearsal 3rd June 2010 Ichikawa Ebizo (as Sato Tadanobu / the fox Genkuro) Photograph by Elliott Franks

市川海老蔵 襲名披露

④ハイバー・ニート - 世界崩壊後を舞台にしたRPGつくろうぜ@wiki

ハイバー・ニート(Hyber Neat) 【由来】hibernate(冬眠する、引きこもる)、hive(ミツバチの巣箱)、neat(きちんとした)、NEET、引きこもり 【題材】管理社会の落伍者、競争...

Extinction Illustrated

Extinction Illustrated

Lobster print kimono Tokyo National Museum


Japan’s Culture of the Non-Intellectual Artist

Japan is a chronically non-intellectual country. It is this blogger’s enduring gripe with a country he loves so much that he is starved of any serious intellectual stimulation in the mainstre…



松竹が運営する歌舞伎公式サイト。歌舞伎の公演情報、ニュース、俳優インタビューなどをお届けします。こちらのページは、ニュース「歌舞伎座「七月大歌舞伎」特別ポスター公開」 を配信しています。

赤坂大歌舞伎 | 歌舞伎美人(かぶきびと)



Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese drama that emerged at the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1868). Based on popular legends and characterized by...

The Art of Kabuki, Japanese Theatre Costumes

The Fondation Pierre Berge - Yves Saint Laurent has devoted its 17th exhibition to Japanese theatre costumes, known as the Kabuki. The costumes tend to b...