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Stonleigh by Susan Smith
Stonleigh by Susan Smith
Patronen, Boeken, Templates
Patronen, Boeken, Templates
a bald man with glasses and a flowered shirt looks at the camera while standing in front of some trees
Zomer Bee met Gert van Raalten 22 juni
some kind of decorative item that is on top of a wooden table with blue ribbon
The Blues
a quilted tree with many different designs on the front and back pieces, all in various colors
Margaret Sampson George
a quilted wall hanging with flowers and birds on it's sides, in the middle
Quilt kits
a bright pink background with small white polka dots on the top and bottom half of it
a red and blue plaid fabric
six spools of thread sitting in a box
an assortment of different colored yarns in a box
Wonderfil garens
four different colored fabric with rabbits eating at tables and buns on the table top
Tea Party
a group of rabbits eating at a table with bunnies on it and cats in the middle