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Homemade fudge pudding pops

Fudge Pudding Pops (Dairy and Refined Sugar Free) These fudge pudding pops contain magnesium-rich cocoa butter, collagen building gelatin, anti-oxidant rich avocado, and other nourishing ingredients.

Fermented Blueberries and Raspberries. #nourishedkitchen

This past weekend, I splurged and bought a few packs of berries (a special treat indeed, considering the snow) because I was so inspired by a new recipe: fermented berries

milk kefir

Learn how easy and safe it is to make delicious milk kefir at home with these milk kefir recipes and tips. Includes coconut milk kefir recipe too!

breakfast cookies-Paleo

grain-free breakfast cookies coconut flour almond butter 6 pitted dried dates (Untested) shredded coconut applesauce cinnamon vanilla salt baking soda dried unsweetened dark cherries chopped walnuts currants (untested-use allowed dried fruit)