Zentangle Patterns

Zentangle Patterns - Possible Instructions: patterns on , moving in; different shapes floating in space, shape traveling across space; shape coming off of one edge (or radial; shapes within grids, varying size/direction.

Juf Jaydee: Handen met patronen

E did this in class, but instead of random designs, students listened to 6 different musical beats ad drew lines to match what they heard.

Element of Art: Line Principle of Art: Pattern Explain Overlapping

Element of Art: Line; Principle of Art: Pattern; Great warm up artwork to talk about the varying circle patterns and lines within them.

Free Interactive Coloring sheet for my Canadian Friends!

Includes writing prompts (i. How did you celebrate Canada Day? Instead of patterns, could write words or draw Canadian symbols inside the maple leaf.

Many great pics on this site

Hand drawn line art ornate flower design, Ukrainian traditional style. so pretty- tattoo inspiration?

Adventures of a Middle School Art Teacher: 7th Grade ~ OP Art lesson I used to always doodle things like this when I was a bored student.

Grade ~ OP Art lesson (for a lesson or sponge activity) especially good for the more exacting, mathematical thinkers in the group. from Adventures of a Middle School Art Teacher: