Arnould for Legrand: Univers Epure, black light switch

A reference for a switch on the table by Arnould

EQUITONE facade panels: EQUITONE facade panels:Belgium - Blanden - Passive House

Coloured composite facade material characterized by sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material.

Indirect lighting-These stairs demonstrate a unique way to utilize indirect lighting to help you find your step.

important to bear in mind the stairs lighting, both for safety, for the overall decor of the space, since a good light can highlight other ornamental elements.

Facade panel Tectiva from EQUITONE

EQUITONE is a range of versatile façade materials and textures developed with and for design architects. Every EQUITONE façade panel is unique, showing the raw texture of the eternit fibre cement base material. EQUITONE materials come in a maximum p