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a red chili pepper with a lighter in it's mouth
That pepper is really ..... HOT....
a strawberry in a jar with a knife sticking out of it's top and the caption reads, marvy
Mary Jelly #publicidad gráfica. Entre en el fantástico mundo de elcafeatomico…. « $60 Miracle Money Maker
nice Mary Jelly #publicidad gráfica. Entre en el fantástico mundo de elcafeatomico....
a close up of a toothbrush with a slug on it's side and a pink background
Artist Creates Strange Combinations That Unexpectedly Make A Lot Of Sense - Awesome
Punny Artist Creates Unexpected Combinations That Weirdly Make a Lot of Sense - 9GAG
two wine glasses sitting on top of a sink with a fork and knife in it
MAN:an absurd poem - MAN: an absurd poem
#wattpad #null Man, becomes, fighting, DICTONARY of words thoughts feelings, movements, traffic signals, dirty drivers, empty purses, frustrated, school teachers, over worked, LATRINE workers, IT workers, light cases, of male-too, movements, social media trials, elaborate, stupidity, governments, NEWS peo...
an orange is being poured into a glass
35 Breathtaking Creative Photo Manipulation Graphic Design Junction
Vervreemding - manipulatie Dat wat slechts een sinaasappel lijkt is al gelijk een eindproduct, namelijk een sinaasappeldrankje. Het lijkt het een maar is het ander, hoewel van het origineel wel een aantal van zijn aspecten behoudt.
a banana, carrot and banana split in half
Harry's Harbour Bizarre
This is genius.
there are many glasses with strawberries in them
Photography Life - Life as a Photographer
#d700 #photomylife #fotografos #amolafotografia #instadayly #em10 #instashot #almaproject #fotography #photographyisart
a bottle with a hose attached to it and the caption beware the heat
Brandblusser onderdelen verwerkt op Tabasco fles. Tabasco kan aan gerechten toegevoegd worden om gerechten naar smaak pikanter te maken. In dit geval is er direct een creatieve brandblusser binnen het bereik. Tabasco is een pepersoort.
a close up of a sheep laying down with cauliflower on it's back
Ce graphiste perturbe nos sens en mixant tout et n’importe quoi
Le graphiste Randy Lewis perturbe nos sens en mixant tout et n'importe quoi
a red poster with an alarm clock and coffee in the shape of a human face
Blog | Merkbouw en Digitale Transformatie
Mooie visualisatie: het vroege maandag morgen moment ;-)
an egg is broken in half and spilled into a salt shaker on a wooden table
@gestalten on Instagram: “How do you like your eggs in the morning? For their photo series "Break/Fast," design studio @Fragmentouniverso take a different look at…”
there are two bananas that have been placed on top of each other with the words yellow dancer written below them
a pair of knives sitting on top of a metal bladed circular sawtoother
Knife made from saw blade with Mahogany handle
Knife made from saw blade with Mahogany handle
an ostrich's head is shown with a banana in its hand
20 Times Animals Photoshopped Hilariously
20 Times Animals Photoshopped Hilariously - bemethis