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a black and white photo of a dandelion in front of a window sill
Soy - Cecilia Serrano I like this photo. The black and white look makes it really pop out for me.
an abstract photograph with water drops on the bottom and green, yellow and blue background
peas in a pod by Mandy Brown | Redbubble
Oil and water photography by Mandy Brown LOVE THIS! Judith, The Lioness
water drops on the surface of an orange and yellow object
Oil & Water
Oil & Water, Macro photography of a few drops of oil on water, no photoshop.
water droplets on a window pane with buildings in the background
65+ Stunning Macro Photographs with tutorials | Smashing Tips
After the Rain Macro Photograph
two pictures with different colors and patterns on them, one shows the surface of water
Colorful foam reflections {Explored}
Soap foam macros #photography #macro_photography #mytumblr
three balls floating in water on a black and white checkered surface
Stay Focused by Sortvind / 500px
//Zwart wit
a fork with four black forks sticking out of it's center, in front of a green background
Abstract / Macro / Photography: "I really like the green tinting in this shot. The water gives the fork a very abstract look."
a spider web with water droplets on it's surface in black and white photo
Nature Photography in Black and White - Practical Tips with Stunning Photographs
Nature Photography in Black and White - Tips and Examples
an old rusted metal chain on a wooden door
Delectable Decadence
Barbed Wire Fence
a green caterpillar crawling on the side of a metal fence with another caterpillar in it's mouth
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