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a wine glass is shown in the dark
INICIO | lunadicarta
Muchas felicidades, y en la celebración haremos caso a aquel poeta persa hedonista que decía que “estar sobrio era propio de salvajes”.
an egg sitting on top of a spoon with several forks in it's side
Eggs on spoons by Jérôme Le Dorze / 500px
four wine glasses are lined up in front of each other on a reflective surface,
Cuded | Art and Design |
Irina Furashova_6_531_800
a black and white photo of a flower in the center of a circular design on a wall
To Feed or Not To Feed
black and white photograph of four wine bottles with the tops turned upside down in motion
Photography on Share Sunday
Backlighting. Black and White. Contrast. Long shadows. Low lighting for shadow effect. Glowing bottles.
two glasses filled with liquid sitting on top of a white table next to each other
TRACE Publicity on Twitter
a bunch of blueberries sitting on top of each other in front of a black background
a wine glass sitting next to a bottle on top of a black table with reflection
four wine glasses filled with different wines on a reflective surface in front of a black background
Error404 Página no encontrada | Fotógrafo de hoteles, lifestyle y gastronomía | Roger Méndez Photography
Roger Méndez, professional hospitality, Luxury hotel & resorts, interior & exterior photography, gastronomy, travels, architecture & advertising photographer
there are many wine glasses lined up on the bar top with red liquid in them
mehrauli – Faces Places Paces
of wine and conversations
a black and white photo with the words'08 de marco'in spanish
. by Lee Jeffries on 500px. #Blackandwhite #portrait #street
a close up of a spoon with a strawberry on it
25 Great Examples of Motion Blur Photography
Door de snelle beweging van de suiker lijkt de suiker erg vaag.
the inside of a black leather seat with gold and silver beads on it's sides
Zip it Good
◊ Je de details zeer goed ziet ◊ Het is een scherp beeld
three bottles of wine with labels on them
Finca Moncloa 2008 - Finca Moncloa