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an image of a soldier sitting in the woods
a man sitting on top of boxes in the dirt
More Camp Frenzell-Jones
SSGT Larry Fowler, South Carolina. More Camp Frenzell-Jones
two men in uniform standing next to each other
three soldiers are standing in front of a hut with palm trees on the other side
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Vietnam war hero Lt. Gen. Hal Moore dies at 94
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When you really love your girlfriend. An American soldier in Vietnam, 1968.
black and white photograph of a man kneeling in the grass
Don McCollin is a war photographer.(up front) Just don't call him an artist.
some soldiers are walking through the water
an old black and white photo shows soldiers on top of a tank
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Viet Nam Albert Einstein, Fotografia, Face, None
Viet Nam
a man sitting on the ground eating something
It’s Thanks Giving tomorrow, gents!Its a time for everyone to be together closer then ever and spend some good quality time with each other (get shit house together/have a family dinner/etc.).If you know some fellas spending Thanks Giving alone whether in the barracks or out in town, invite him/her over. Don’t leave them alone, they need someone out there to reach out. That’s what being a bro is about.
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