Pieter van der Meer

Pieter van der Meer

Pieter van der Meer
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So here’s a much overdue remake of a piece I did 4 years ago! You can buy prints and merchandise of this illustration over at @252mya www.252mya.com

thebrainscoop: “ Gorgosaurus libratus Artwork by Julio Lacerda / Gorgosaurus is a tyrannosaur that lived in what is now Canada around 75 million years ago. It shared its environment.

Animal Farm (1954) directed by John Halas and Joy Batchelor

Animal Farm by George Orwell. A classic tale of power and corruption. Assigned for or grade English class. Told teacher I had already read it. Thought I was trying to make fun of him because class started to laugh. He made my favourite subject m

1917 - 2017 ✌️

austrianleninist: years ago, the great socialist October Revolution liberated the russian working class from the imperialist bourgeoisie rule. It was the first step to the dictatorship of the.