Ooooh Well I'll be damned,Well I'll be Damned!

Ooooh Well I'll be damned,Well I'll be Damned! You got Hamilton on your side. Well I'll be damned, well I'll be dammed!

My History final was literally a comparison of the American and French Revolutions! IT WAS THE BEST ESSAY I'VE EVER WRITTEN!

Me when my history teacher recently brought up Alexander Hamilton, and I knew every answer to every question

Daveed, Oak & Anthony sing.

Trying to explain to anyone who will listen why the parallels between the revolutionaries and racial oppression today make the Hamilton casting so important.

A New Revolution: The 'Hamilton Mixtape'

Your favorite hip-hop artist is Lin-Manuel Miranda. I practiced the law, I practic'ly perfected it. *sassy coat flip* :D


"when you knock me down i get the meeska, mooska, mickey mouse back up again" - yearbook quote

Alexander Hamilton, A Winter's Ball, Guns and Ships, What'd I Miss, The Adams Administration, or Your Obedient Servant??

Literally half the songs start with that its very confusing.<<< haha, hamiltunes<-I think it's just Alexander Hamilton, A Winter's Ball, and Guns and Ships. The Adams Administration starts with "How does Hamilton-"