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Between Lines: This unusual shelf consists of stainless steel letter bands and then rubber coated in black. And each of the letter bands can be coiled up to form a small roll, unfolded and re-shaped to an infinite array of configurations.

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50+ Awesome, Creative Ways to Display and Store Books

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Sophisticated shelf

Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner - between the lines - Shanghai

This is a perfect conversation starter and will lead to much laughter and speculation about how this inverted bookshelf optical illusion was accomplished. Home and Garden Digest http://www.homeandgardendigest.com/inverted-bookshelf/

The inverted bookshelf turns your living room upside down as it hangs all of the books from the bottom instead of supporting them from below. It's a satisfying optical trick and doesn't damage any of the books.

Love this idea!

An statement bookshelf/wall decor! This would be more for decoration because all of my books wouldn't fit lol!

Asked husband if he could build this for me. I got a resounding "NO." LoL! Oh well, I tried!

The Most Creative Shelves Ever

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football player bookshelf

The Bookman is a stained pine bookshelf in the shape of a man and is a highly decorative piece of furniture as well as a sculpture. He's awesome.

The Forest Feast

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Shelves with a Bench

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Use the rafters area or ceiling area of a basement, storage room, or closet to store books like a book shelf. Creative use of small spaces, small rooms to organize books.