Me when I here their out tro

Hey Grace this is even funnier cuz I know at this moment Grayson was making fun of him for failing at juju on the beat

what be wrong with youus?xxxx

So my cousin said this and I was like I'm not talking to you

My mom literally caught me watching one of their videos and totally buffed me up. I know they are cut and stuff but in the end their life is planned out and as for me I still need to study and make mines. But I still love u guys.

I started watching them in August and my mom didn’t know who they were and I know they cuss and I love them and yeah my mom watches them now 😂🙂💕

I think the second pic would be of them running away in terror. I'm just saying.

I think the second pic would be of them laughing at eachother but kinda weirded out😂