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Wise old orangutan. The orangutans are the two exclusively Asian species of extant great apes. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are currently found in only the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Photo by: Cath Schneider

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THIS orangutan seems to get the joke - as he opens his mouth wide and clutches his belly in a & But the dozy called Kiparis, was merely yawning after a morning spent lazing around at Moscow Zoo, Russia.

Sumatran Orangutan by Rob Kroenert, via Flickr

The Sumatran Orangutan Found only in Indonesia, its population has declined alarmingly mainly due to timber exploitation that destroys their habitat. I make this face to my boyfriend often

Serengeti Lions

A playful lioness cub leaps over her father. Nothing like a father-daughter relationship - even when you're the king of the jungle!

Undated handout photo issued by Paignton Zoo of a female baby orangutan born at the Zoo last month with her mother. Issue date: Thursday May (Photo by Ray Wiltshire/Paignton Zoo/PA Wire)

Hairy coo ~ Beautiful reflection

Now whenever i think about eating a hamburger, I am going to think of these hairy Coo's. cows i can eat!

Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.

Amazing wildlife - Pink Flamingos photo flamingos Ngorongoro Reserve in Tanzania by Milko Marchetti

.<3 Adorable!

The orphan orangutans that could save a species from extinction

Orangutans - of all the primates, i love these the most. Such gentle animals, with the kindest eyes x.

shh... its time for a nap. zzzz

Sophie the Bornean Orangutan holding her baby. Baby looks so sweet and content asleep in Mama's arms. She must be a good Mama.