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Alakazam vs. Mewtwo by JA-punkster on DeviantArt

Wow, my very first Pokemon battle scene. Everything was made with Prismacolors, except for a few teeny-tiny highlights where I felt there needed.


Day 2 of the February challenge is… a pink or red Pokemon! Magcargo’s heart burns for you this Valentine’s day

Pokemon : Bug Catching contest by Sa-Dui

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Pokemon Mega Scizor by Advent-Hawk on DeviantArt

Its been a while since I last did a Pokemon fanart. There will be more Pokemon stuff on the way!


As ugly as he is in people eyes, I really love Venusaur. He always looked like a "Beast with a heart of Gold" to me. He has that parental guardian personality a


It's been a little while since the Gen 6 reveal, but here's some obligatory, new fan art of the AMAZING new Pokemon Yveltal.

Evil Team Rocket  Mew-two Dugtrio Golem Rhyno Rhydon Nidoqueen Nidoking

Akai Tera has just re-imagined the regular cute Pokemon into something epic! If they ever make a Pokemon game that's this intense, the whole world would be up.

Last Battle by Twime777 on DeviantArt

Last Battle by on DeviantArt

308 - Mega Medicham - Art v.2 by Tails19950

My second artwork for Mega Medicham, hope you all like! Today I drew this, Mega: Blaziken, Heracross, Houndoom and Gengar.