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The symbol of the winged sun is one of the most ancient and frequently used symbols that you will find in the recorded history of human civilization.

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Both the Egyptians and the Maya chose a winged circle to symbolize the divine in man. In hieroglyphic inscriptions, on the royal cartouches, and on the entranceways of temples, the winged circle appears throughout Egyptian architecture.

Egyptian Falcon art prints

Egyptian Horus Falcon Art Prints

Reminds me of my upper back tattoos--- The ancient Kemet God Horus was a deity with many roles. His image and symbols can be found all throughout ancient Egyptian art. He is usually represented as a Falcon or a human figure with a Falcon head.

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Cleopatra final Pharoh of the Egyptian Empire. (This is Elizabeth Taylor by the way)

Cleopatra Last Pharaoh of Egypt...

Ancient Egyptians used kohl, a lead base, to outline their eyes. This could have led to seizures or comas, even death.