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Pokemon Religion

I wish I could be married under Pokemon stained glass. It would be beautiful! I would probably even make a dress that was Pokemon yet tasteful for it. well design it anyway. I'm terrible at sewing, so far, but I'm working on it!

Gengar Loves His Trainer

Pokémon < gastly, haunter and gengar are such cutiepie pokémons

Instagram; Pokémon [1]. - ✨62✨

Is it weird that it made me actually like Ghetsis??

Is it weird that it made me actually like Ghetsis?


I'm a guy but I was more than happy I got Latias. Most boys want Latios "cuz it looks cooler" nah. Latias is alot cooler and I like her attitude more. She is all around cooler.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ cual fila está mal?    A que sigue buscando y no se dio cuenta que ninguna está mal :v

Es la realidad tus amigos siempre estaran ahi para ayudarte ★ >>> And this, this is why being Team Instinct is the real deal.

Now You Know

The question that people who watched pokemon asked has been answered<---I SHIP THIS<<< I shipped this before I knew what shipping was