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Wicked. One of the best musicals ever (and my personal favorite) with one of the most amazing casts!

The original Broadway cast of Wicked: Carole Shelley as Madame Morrible, Manuel Herrera as Chistery, Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda, Joel Grey as The Wizard, Idina Menzel as Elphaba and Norbert Leo Butz as Fiyero. Idina Menzel plays Elsa in Frozen

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"And if Im flying solo, at least im flying free! To those whod ground me, take a message back from me." -Idina Menzel as Elphaba

Wicked vs. Frozen...I just wish Wicked got that happy homecoming. Oh yeah and they forgot one similarity "IDINA FREAKING MENZEL"

Tales of a Crafty Student Teacher: Parallels Between Disney's Frozen and the Broadway Musical Wicked

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Best Friends: Glinda and Elphaba. "I hope you're happy in the end, I hope you're happy my friend." Creds to whoever made this, it's so cute!

Dude when I did Seussical and I'd go in tableau after a big dance I would just try. So hard to be very still but all the feathers on me would fucking betray my movement. Also during intermission the water fountains were so busy

Especially when you're standing behind a curtain, inches from the stage, laughing internally at the funny intro they gave your show and you feel this word mix of nerves and (mostly) excitement welling up inside you. I got chills.