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yoni alter discovers wild animals among clouds of colorful dots

With his new animal animations, Yoni Alter plays tricks with your mind. Is it an abstract dotted painting? Is it a moving flamingo? Is it sneaking up on you when you look away? Yoni, a London-based designer, has come up…

Yoni Alter. Original graphic art

Dotted - Artist Yoni Alter has created a collection of colorful GIFs where hidden animals emerge from a splattering of abstract dots. ostriches, monkeys, kangaroos and foxes alike sprint out of obscurity in a series of colorful motions.

Top 100 articles for deletion discussions on WIkipedia | Tableau Zen

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Top 100 Articles for Deletion Discussion on Wikipedia

Storytelling tips (and as ever, charming illustrations) c/o Kurt Vonnegut

Storytelling tips from Kurt Vonnegut - other than being a beautifully designed presentation, Kurt offers great insight into the art of storytelling

ArtWall Dalmatian Wall Mural Size: 36" H x 48" W x 0.1" D

ArtWall Dalmatian Wall Mural Size: 36" H x 48" W x 0.1" D

Chart shows how much merchandise Apple moves every second of every minute.

Interesting dashboard showing rate of Apple sales. Kind of a general purpose site for counting up very quickly.

more on accurat project - life cycle of ideas

“Hello world! "The life cycle of ideas": our first collaboration with is on the May issue!

Graphic Specimens : Photo

Rank of states and territories in population at each census: 1790 - 18 Poster on Vintage Visualizations

We've all run into performance issues when working with large UI documents  in Photoshop. Luckily there are several settings you can tweak to get the  best performance on your machine without compromising too much in terms of  usage. Here are some of the most effective settings to boost your  performance:

How To Optimize Photoshop For Better Performance

Power up your skills with these 30 Photoshop secrets that will increase your productivity overnight.