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Dimebag Strings  (outrageous)

Face and hand emerging from guitar by Paul Booth. I wonder if this is real cuz its so metal and totally sick

ambient-entropy:  Harp Guitar

This lyra harp allows a harp guitarist to play two instruments like a standard guitar to create a deeper melody. (Photo: Worland Guitars) ~ All The Music

frettedchordophones: frettedchordophones: Mad Electric Harp Guitar Lardys Chordophone of the day - a year ago ==Lardys Chordophone of the day - 2 years ago --- https://www.pinterest.com/lardyfatboy/

Honestly it's not my favorite looking instrument. But it's a technical achievement. Electric Harp Guitar by GUMAVILAFX on Etsy 35 String electric harp guitar, one of a kind. Made by Marko Lipovsek

mobile9 Forum > Fire And Water. Collection Of Screensavers From Akela73

Fire Guitar with fire flames In This live wallpaper a beautiful guitar with fire flames and water reflection.

Mosaic Stained glass Peacock Guitar.

Mosaic Stained glass Peacock Guitar by on Etsy Wouldn't the mosaic interfere with the sound quality?

Steampunk guitar

First of all, what is Steampunk? In the spirit of things, i have decided to put together a quick and basic guide on the Steampunk sub-genre, as 'Steam on Queen,' .

guns and music hand in hand. i dont know what it is but i like it

guns and music hand in hand. i dont know what it is but i like it Can you imagine breaking into Lawyers, Guns & Money on this sweet thing?